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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Endorses Dean Phillips for Re-Election

Chamber lauds Phillips as a “friend of business” 

MINNETONKA, MN – Today, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce officially endorsed Dean Phillips (D, MN-03) for re-election. A business leader and entrepreneur before running for office in 2018, Phillips refuses all campaign contributions from special interests, PACs, and federal lobbyists, and has emerged as a pragmatic, independent-minded leader on small business issues and government reform in Congress. Recognizing Phillips for his strong support of small business and economic growth, and his commitment to working across the aisle on issues of national importance, the nation’s largest business organization took the rare step of endorsing a freshman Democrat. 

“As one of the few entrepreneurs in Congress, I’m especially grateful to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for their endorsement,” said Phillips. “My thirty years of experience creating, leading, and growing businesses in Minnesota brings a unique perspective to policy-making and illuminates my mission to inspire a new era of collaboration in Congress. I’m grateful to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for recognizing and supporting the need for bipartisanship as we pave the path to prosperity for all Americans.” 

As a member of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus and House Financial Services Committee, Phillips has introduced legislation to support startups, and women and minority-owned businesses, and worked closely with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in developing his bipartisan Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Flexibility Act. The bill, which helped save countless small businesses and jobs throughout the nation, passed the House 417-1 and the Senate unanimously, and was signed into law by President Trump in June.

“In challenging times, we are reminded of the importance of having leaders who understand the genius of the American system of government and free enterprise and who are willing to tackle the hard problems that confront our nation,” U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas J. Donohue said in an endorsing letter. “Your continued leadership in Congress will benefit the nation as we combat the coronavirus, work to restore economic growth, and expand opportunities for all Americans.”

This year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce also recognized Phillips with a 2020 Spirit of Enterprise Award and the Jefferson – Hamilton Award for Bipartisanship, a new honor for members of Congress who demonstrate the bipartisan leadership and constructive governing necessary to move our country forward. With a score of 98%, Phillips is one of the top 10 bipartisan leaders in the House of Representatives. 


Kamal Baker

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