Campaign finance reform


No matter your number one issue, I ask that you make campaign finance reform your number two. 

The corrupting influence of special interest money in politics, and the time spent in its pursuit, are at the heart of the dysfunction in Washington, DC, preventing progress on the major challenges we face as a country. That is why I am on a mission to get money out of politics and return power to where it belongs: the people.

– Dean Phillips

Dean’s record

As Vice Chair of the Democracy Reform Task Force and a leading voice for campaign finance and ethics reforms in Congress, Dean helped lead the effort to pass the most sweeping campaign, electoral, and ethics reform bill in recent history: HR1, the For The People Act.

Dean is also the ONLY member of Congress who refuses to accept any money from PACs and other special interest groups, federal lobbyists, or his fellow members of Congress or their campaign committees. This means Dean is beholden only to his own principles and the people he represents in Congress.

For these reasons, Dean has been endorsed in each of his elections by End Citizens United.

Want to learn more about Dean’s priorities in Congress?

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Let’s create change—together.

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