Phillips for Congress yard signs

Yard Signs Are Taking Center Stage in 2020

Yard signs—they gave John Quincy Adams an edge back in 1824, and they’ve been a staple of political campaigns ever since.

But, today, things are different.

Parades, canceled. Canvasses, paused. As COVID-19 forces virtually everything to go virtual, yard signs now get the spotlight. In fact, this election season, the once-humble yard sign will serve as the only physical reminder left for many voters to support candidates they believe in.

These signs grow even more important when you consider that campaigns, like ours, are urging voters to vote with physical distancing in mind—by mail. Instead of long Election Day lines at the polls this fall, mail-in ballots will be deposited into mailboxes over the span of months. And, these yard signs will serve as an ever-present reminder—critical when people may vote at just about any time—to request and return those ballots, and to vote for Dean.

So much has changed this year. Yet, when it comes to yard signs, what’s old is new again.

The DeanTeam is giving this campaign everything we have—with what we have

Last fall, when Dean stood up as one of the first swing district Democrats to support the Trump impeachment inquiry, the National Republican Congressional Committee said, “Dean Phillips is kissing his reelection prospects goodbye.”

Now, they’re spending heavily to flip our purple seat red.

Time and time again, Dean has stood with us—with students and small business owners, with veterans and immigrant communities. Now, we have an opportunity to demonstrate that we stand with him.

Will you display a Phillips for Congress yard sign?

This is one simple way you can capture attention and drive votes for what you and Dean stand for: Community, integrity—and hope.

Request your yard sign right now.

It’s pretty simple to do:

  • Fill out our yard sign request form below
  • Chip-in for more signs if you have the means right now
  • Store your sign until June 26th, when you can place it front-and-center in your yard

Then, in late June, we can all look on with a deep sense of satisfaction as Phillips for Congress yard signs pop-up across the 3rd Congressional District—helping drive meaningful change and spreading hope to all.

Together, we can make a difference for Minnesota—one step at a time, and one sign at a time.

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