I’m listening.


Throughout my professional career, I’ve always found that listening reveals opportunity.

As always, I invite you to share your stories, ideas, concerns, and hopes for the future.

With every perspective you share, I become a better representative and a more enlightened leader.

Stand with Dean!

Stay in touch with our campaign—and help Dean fight for Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District.


I’m fighting to restore your power.

Before I ran for Congress in 2018, I saw first-hand how much time candidates spend courting people of means. It’s wrong. Money buys access. It creates a sense of obligation. It diminishes the power of your voice.

  • For-profit health insurer donations influenced health care reform
  • Big Pharma campaign cash stalled drug price negotiations
  • NRA spending stalled popular universal background checks and red flag laws
  • Big Oil money rolled back environmental regulations intended to protect our water resources and curb climate change

That’s why I’m running for re-election in 2024. That’s why I refuse money from PACs, lobbyists, and members of Congress. And, that’s why I remain committed to campaign finance and good government reform today.

Public service

Community service is an integral and joyful part of my life, and a responsibility I take very seriously.

My work has been focused on investing in youth, education, health, and anti-discrimination initiatives.

I’m a former regent at Saint Johns University and former Board Chair of Allina Health, the operator of Abbott Northwestern, Mercy-Unity, and United Hospitals. In 2013, I helped bring WE Day, the global youth-empowerment initiative, to Minnesota, and we now engage more than 150,000 students in almost 600 schools throughout the state. I chair the boards of our family charitable foundations and constantly seek innovative people, organizations, and ideas to help as many people as possible lead healthier and more self-sufficient lives.


I am a fifth-generation Minnesotan and father of two remarkable daughters, Daniela and Pia.

Daniela played an integral role in launching Penny’s Coffee and Pia was the co-founder of PAB’s Packs, a non-profit organization that distributed custom backpacks filled with cozy items to hospitalized children.

I was raised in Edina and Minneapolis, and I live in Wayzata with my wife, Annalise, and our Norwich Terrier, Henry.

My mother, DeeDee, is a retired shop owner, and my brother, Tyler, is a physician.


After my birth father was killed in the Vietnam War in 1969, luck brought me into an adopted family that afforded me great opportunity. It also demanded accountability, responsibility, hard work, and civic engagement. I live with gratitude for my blessings, and was taught that success is not to be measured by how much one collects, rather by how much one shares.

I am a fiscally responsible, socially inclusive, and, yes, fortunate man who represents Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District with a strong and independent voice of reason, a focus on collaborative problem solving, and a commitment to principled leadership.

I invite you to share your ideas, concerns, dreams, and challenges with me. Ours is a campaign for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who believe in working together and that our best days are still ahead. Everyone’s invited!

There is so much more that unites us than divides us.

When I meet with folks across the 3rd District—no matter who they are, where they’re from, or how they might define themselves politically—when we focus on outcomes, we often agree.

– Dean

Say hello to the DeanTeam.

This is not my campaign. It’s your campaign. One that belongs to you and folks just like you who bring passion and joy to this work, day-in, and day-out.

There’s a place for you on the DeanTeam, and I hope you’ll consider joining us. Everyone’s invited!

Let’s create change—together.

Join the DeanTeam—a diverse, committed team of neighbors who are creating change in communities across Minnesota’s Third District.

Whether you’d like to volunteer at an upcoming campaign event or lend a hand from home, there are always opportunities to make a meaningful difference.

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