Climate action


We didn’t leave the Stone Age because we ran out of rocks; rather, we discovered better ways of doing things.

It’s the 21st century, and it’s time to accelerate our transition to a clean-energy economy, reduce our carbon footprint, and preserve and protect our natural environment for future generations.

– Dean Phillips

Dean’s plan

Dean knows the threats to humanity posed by climate change are real and require immediate action. Extreme weather events like droughts and flooding are already having devastating impacts on our habitat, which is why Dean is working to make our communities more resilient, create incentives to speed our transition to a clean-energy economy, and reclaim America’s leadership in reducing carbon emissions. Here’s how:

Reclaim America’s role as an international leader

Dean supports rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, not because it’s the solution to the climate crisis but because he believes the U.S. should be a leader and not a follower – or worse – when it comes to addressing climate change. Dean will actively work to provide a check on this Administration’s reckless and shortsighted attacks on the environment, and restore America’s role as an international leader in curbing climate change.

Use market-based solutions to begin reducing carbon emissions

Dean is a cosponsor and strong supporter of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, bipartisan legislation that will put a price on carbon to reduce emissions through a market-based approach. All of the revenue collected would be returned directly to American citizens, which would help offset any increases in energy costs. The proposal has the support of Democrats, Republicans, business leaders and climate activists alike.

Expand incentives for clean-energy production

Dean will work to incentivize renewable energy from wind and solar, and for infrastructure investments to develop a clean and reliable electrical grid. He supports extending the 30% federal tax credit for solar and other renewable energy, rather than letting the credits disappear altogether after 2021, as they will under current law.

Increase energy efficiency and the resiliency of our “built environment”

Increasing energy efficiency is the most cost-effective and affordable way to reduce fossil-fuel consumption. Dean supports the restoration of expired federal tax credits for energy-efficiency upgrades and the adoption of building-code standards that will save Americans billions of dollars on their energy bills, create domestic jobs, and improve public health by reducing pollution. And Dean supports enhanced resiliency in our infrastructure and buildings, so that they can better withstand extreme weather events and achieve “passive survivability” if power is lost for an extended period of time.

Let’s create change—together.

Join the DeanTeam—a diverse, committed team of neighbors who are creating change in communities across Minnesota’s Third District.

Whether you’d like to volunteer at an upcoming campaign event or lend a hand from home, there are always opportunities to make a meaningful difference.

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