Dean Phillips with optimism and fear

Dean Phillips Chooses Optimism Over Fear, Invites Voters to Join Him

Phillips turns heads and opens hearts with creative new ad campaign

MINNETONKA, MN – Today, Dean Phillips (D, MN-03) released a new digital ad that is unlike anything else voters are seeing in the ugly and offensive political ad wars staining Minnesota and national airwaves. “Optimism vs. Fear” is a refreshing alternative to the lies, doom, gloom, name calling, and personal political attacks from candidates and dark money groups – and offers an antidote to dangerous fear mongering. 


“Americans are being presented a clear choice in this election,” said Phillips. “The current president – and those who enable him – employ scare tactics and division to spread fear and disengage voters. That’s anything but presidential leadership; it’s cowardice. I choose democracy over division, conversation over chaos, optimism over fear, and I invite Minnesotans and Americans to join me.” 

Phillips credits his optimistic outlook for opening the door to the signature accomplishments of his first term in Congress. Whether it was finally winning a pathway to citizenship for Liberian refugees on DED, passing his bipartisan PPP reform bill into law for struggling small business, or standing up to party leaders to break the impasse on COVID-19 relief negotiations, Phillips dwells in possibility. His commitment to listening and forging trusting relationships with Democrats, Republicans, and independents is the key to his successes – and it all begins with optimism. 

A lifelong Minnesotan, entrepreneur, and businessman, Phillips tapped his marketing background to create the “Optimism vs. Fear” campaign, and teamed up with volunteers from a Minnesota creative agency, rather than political consultants, to create the campaign.

“I’ve known Dean for more than 20 years and I’m incredibly proud of him and what he’s accomplishing in Washington,” said Kevin DiLorenzo, CEO at Rise and Shine and Partners and lead volunteer on the “Optimism vs. Fear” project. “Together, we built a brand campaign that represents Dean’s belief in the power of optimism as a person and as a servant leader.”

The Phillips for Congress campaign has been teasing the new creative for weeks and launched the spot in a virtual premiere party on Wednesday evening. And this isn’t the last from Optimism – the 80 second digital ad will begin running online immediately with shorter cuts ready for TV broadcast in the coming weeks. 

This isn’t the first time Phillips has leaned on his marketing experience to find new ways to connect with voters. Phillips’s signature “Government Repair Truck” has become as iconic as the candidate himself on the Minnesota campaign trail, and a Phillips ad in which Bigfoot searched for his opponent went viral in 2018. 



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