Fiscal responsibility


As a father and a fiscally-responsible Democrat, I recognize the threat our exploding national debt poses to future generations.

We must get our fiscal house in order before it is too late. 

We now spend nearly $600 billion a year servicing our $30 trillion federal debt, which accounts for roughly 12% of all federal spending. Addressing this crisis won’t be easy—especially now—but I believe through fair tax policies, responsible budgeting, and a focus on economic growth, we can at least get on the right path.

– Dean Phillips

Dean’s record

Recognizing the threat of rising debt and deficits well before the COVID-19 pandemic, Dean held a Community Conversation on Fiscal Responsibility in December of 2019, convening both experts and citizens to discuss the dangers of exploding debt and what it means for our ability to invest in our collective future.

Dean is also a co-sponsor of a number of bills to address the federal debt and deficits, including HR 2575, the TRUST Act, a bipartisan bill that would establish Congressional rescue committees to analyze the state of federal trust funds, including Medicare, Social Security, and the highway trust fund, and develop recommendations to bring each to solvency and reduce their impact on the debt.

In recognition of his efforts to bring attention to the dangers of rising debts and deficits, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has twice named Dean a “Fiscal Hero” in Congress.

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