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Media contact

Richard Carlbom, Campaign Manager

(651) 261-1306

About Dean

The freshman representative for Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District, Dean Phillips is committed to restoring public trust in government institutions through ethics reform, voter protection, and campaign finance reform.

Additionally, Dean is committed to addressing health care costs, climate change, and our nation’s gun violence epidemic. Dean serves as a member of the House Ethics, Financial Services, and Foreign Affairs Committees, as well as the Democracy Reform Task Force and Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

A member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, Dean actively seeks to repair our government through bi-partisan cooperation.

About the campaign

In 2018, more than 2000 volunteers knocked doors, marched in parades, made phone calls, wrote postcards, participated in flash mobs, and more—ultimately helping elect Dean to a congressional seat that had been held by Republicans for 60 years.

A truly people-powered campaign, the DeanTeam welcomes everyone to lend a hand—or simply stop by the Campaign Coffeehouse for a coffee and conversation.

Everyone’s invited!

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