Letter: Phillips Guided by Constituents, Not Special Interest Groups

To the editor:

It is exciting to see so much agreement in the community about U.S. House candidate Dean Phillips’ refusal to take any campaign money from special interest groups, including PACs. I have been out door-knocking in our neighborhoods, and it is clear that people are eager for a representative who is guided by his constituents rather than by special interest groups.

The incumbent, Erik Paulsen, takes in more special interest money than almost all other House members. Only 5 out of 435 House members take in more money than he does (bit.ly/2KyphfZ).

What this means is that it is up to us, Dean Phillips’s future constituents, to show him that he was right to take this stand — that he was right to believe that we will donate our time, energy and money so that special interest money is no longer needed to win a race.

Let’s live up to Dean Phillips’ faith in our community and our country. Donate and volunteer at phillipsforcongress.org.

Kathy Christenson

Click here to read the original posting in the Sun Current (8/8/18).


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