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Dean Phillips Charts a New Course for Political Advertising

As pandemic pushes campaigns online, Phillips uses technology to bring his bipartisan message directly to voters 

Today, Dean Phillips announced details behind his strategic and innovative advertising campaign, which is currently underway in Minnesota’s Third Congressional District. Rather than participating in archaic, ugly, and offensive political ad wars on television, the Phillips for Congress campaign is using data to micro target a series of positive online ads directly to independent voters.

“We’re running an innovative campaign that’s built for the challenges and realities of 2020,” said Phillips. “I reject the outdated fear tactics employed by Donald Trump and the Republican candidates who are running alongside him. I’m choosing optimism and invitation over fear and division – and my campaign is using twenty first century tools to spread our message during this unprecedented and historic election.” 

Totalling more than $400,000, the investment includes six targeted ads which highlight Phillips’s lengthy bipartisan record and gives voters something to vote for rather than reasons to dislike his opponent. Phillips also leaned on local creative talent – rather than political consultants – to develop a series of ads calling on Americans to come together with optimism in the midst of the most divisive political season in our lifetimes. 


With more than 10,750,000 impressions to targeted voters, these ads have proven to be an impactful and efficient investment as Minnesotans begin heading to the polls. The spots are just one component of a strategic and personalized voter contact initiative. Volunteers have sent more than 80,000 handwritten postcards in four languages to independent voters in Minnesota’s Third District, and the campaign is launching a first-of-its-kind “virtual town hall” direct mail piece this week. 


Phillips refuses all campaign contributions from PACs, federal lobbyists, and other members of Congress. Since first running for Congress in 2018, Dean Phillips has raised over $9 million from more than 150,000 individuals – and counting.

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