Release: Phillips Calls for Censure of President

For Immediate Release
Contact: Richard Carlbom, 651-261-1306

Phillips Calls for Censure of President
“Now is the time to put principle over party for the sake of the nation”

“Now is the time for Republicans and Democrats in Congress to come together for the good of our nation and issue a formal censure of the President. 

“President Trump must understand that his behavior, culminating with his actions this week in Helsinki, threaten our shared values, international alliances, and national security — and cannot continue. 

“My opponent, Erik Paulsen, has offered mild disapprovals of the President on Twitter. That’s easy. Providing the fundamental checks and balances that are the constitutional duty of Congress is hard and takes courage. But people look to their Representatives to take moral stands and meaningful action during times like these — and Congressman Paulsen continues to fail that fundamental test of leadership.”

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