Letter: Phillips at Edina Parade Inspires Hope for District

To the editor:

This Fourth of July, I participated in the Edina Independence Day parade. What I witnessed made me hopeful for our district.

Dean Phillips, who’s running for Congress in Minnesota’s Third District, had more than 200 people marching with him, each one cheering and chanting enthusiastically, thrilled just to be there. Some of these folks were lifelong Democrats; many others were Republicans. Some of them will vote for the first time this November; others cast their first votes for Hubert Humphrey. All of them came out to support their candidate, Dean Phillips, who joyfully high-fived and chatted with parade attendees.

To me, that’s what a representative should look like — happy to be surrounded by his or her constituents and excited to meet each one of them.

Hank Lee

Click here to read the original posting in the Sun Sailor (7/19/18).


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