Video: “We’re building a community.”

We’re not just building a campaign, we’re building a community.

While most candidates spend their time courting and thanking those who write the biggest checks, I’m grateful to my amazing community of supporters who invest $5, $10, or $25.

That’s how I met Norbert. He made a wonderful contribution to our campaign, so I made a surprise visit to his house in my Government Repair Truck to personally thank him for his support.

I hope you’ll watch my video with Norbert and help me celebrate every contributor to the campaign by sharing it today.

Norbert made his grassroots contribution to the #DeanTeam because he knows we’re serious about getting big money out of politics. And he joined over 8,000 individuals (and counting!) who have done the same.

I’ll never accept a penny from PACs, special interests, or federal lobbyists, and that means contributions like Norbert’s (and yours) are what make this campaign possible.

Help me celebrate every grassroots contributor to our campaign — watch and share my video with Norbert today!

Thank you,

Dean Phillips
July 17, 2018

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