Letter: Dean Phillips Will Listen

To the editor:

Dean Phillips says, “Representation begins with listening.”

He wants to listen to me! And all of the constituents in Congressional District 3. I am a citizen of Plymouth and I work on any campaign that I believe in. I have no job title or positions with campaigns. I am simply one of your neighbors who believes in speaking up. I try to go out and attend (free) voter forums like Phillips had Aug. 21, so I can learn about who I am voting for and where they stand on issues (not just what party they are associated with).

Phillips seems very accessible to me. I believe the representative’s job is to represent. Many do not. It is always interesting when a congress person is not running for re-election that they start to ‘speak their mind’ more freely. They should always be doing that. That is their job. To represent me in Washington.

I will be voting for Phillips in November for a number of reasons. One is that he speaks with his supporters one on one. I want a Representative to be transparent and to listen.

I like that he is not beholden to PACs to make his decisions in Washington. He wants to “reduce the influence of affluence.” I like that he is socially inclusive. I like that he is fiscally responsible and a business owner. I like that he is mindful of the climate changes that are occurring. He feels we need to adapt to help the climate, not just do the same things we used to do but to progress. “We didn’t leave the stone age because we ran out of rocks.” We learned a better way to do things.

We won’t all agree on each and every issue, but at least Phillips wants to hear my views and wants to actually do his job and represent.

Get to know him, see if he aligns with your views! There are many chances to connect with this candidate.

Kerry Anderson

Click here to read the original posting in the Sun Sailor (8/27/18).


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