Letter: Where Is Erik Paulsen

To the editor:

Congressman Erik Paulsen thinks he can fool us by distancing himself from Donald Trump, but we know better. Paulsen may say he puts his constituents in front of his president; however, his actions say otherwise. I want to be able to trust my representative to make thoughtful and personal choices for the benefit of his district, but has Paulsen ever done that?

The answer lies in his voting record. I was extremely shocked to find out how loyal Paulsen is to the president: 98 percent. That’s the percentage of time Paulsen chooses to side with the president. But how well does that represent our interests? I want to feel like Minnesota’s third district representative cares about Minnesota’s Third Congressional District!

In addition to the president, Erik Paulsen’s voting record relies on the donations of PACs and special interest groups. I find it interesting that the donations from passionate supporters come second.

To be completely honest, I would love to hear from Paulsen in person. Unfortunately, he appears to refuse to hold free public debates. Why? Why does he refuse to be available and accountable? Either way, things must change. All our elected representatives should be fully responsible and available to their district.

That’s why I support Dean Phillips for the Third Congressional District.

Carol Seiler

Click here to read the original posting in the Sun Sailor (8/27/18).


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