Dean Phillips Announces “Everyone’s Invited! Video Project”

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Dean Phillips Announces “Everyone’s Invited! Video Project”
Campaign invites grassroots supporters to showcase their creativity

Dean Phillips’s campaign for Congress today announced the kickoff of their “Everyone’s Invited! Video Project.” As negative political ads funded by outside special-interest groups crowd the airwaves, Phillips is inviting his tens of thousands of grassroots supporters to showcase their creativity by making a homegrown ad of their own.

Phillips for Congress has made hours of footage available for this crowdsourced storytelling project, along with campaign photography, and encouraged supporters to use either or both.

“This campaign is powered by the grassroots, and it’s built on listening to people,” said Zach Rodvold, Campaign Manager for Phillips for Congress. “The energy and creativity that thousands of Dean Team members bring to this race is inspiring — so who better to tell our story than them? People are tired of politicians talking over them, so we’re handing over the director’s chair. I can’t wait to see the stories that unfold.”

One of the most closely watched Congressional races in the country, this race is also shaping up to be one of the most expensive. In the past eight days alone, Erik Paulsen and two separate outside special-interest groups have launched negative attack ads in a coordinated, multi-million-dollar advertising campaign against Phillips.

While the Phillips for Congress campaign will likely be out-spent, it won’t be outnumbered. The Phillips campaign has garnered national attention and has become known for its innovative outreach efforts and ability to energize voters. Hundreds regularly volunteer as parade marchers, doorknockers, boat skippers, phone bankers, office coordinators, thank-you card writers, and more. More than 61,000 individuals have donated to the campaign, representing 100% of its funding as Dean refuses to take money from special-interest PACs, lobbyists and members of Congress.

Submissions for the Everyone’s Invited! Video Project are due by midnight on September 30th. The campaign will select winning entries, which will be shared on social-media and digital platforms and could even be aired on TV. Everyone’s invited to submit their ideas!

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