The Everyone's Invited! Video Project


Make an ad for the #DeanTeam! Yes, that’s right, we’re inviting you to make an ad for our campaign that we’ll share far and wide in Minnesota’s Third Congressional District. The deadline for submission is September 30. 
Here’s how it works:

1. Download footage provided here, or from our Facebook videos section. You can use photos from our photo gallery on the website and on Facebook, too! (See details and FAQs below.)

2. Edit together a 30-second or 60-second video about Dean or any aspect of the campaign. (See details and FAQs below.) 

3. Email a private link to to view and download your video. By submitting a link, you are agreeing to our submission terms (read here.)

And the best video(s) could be shared through our network, and may even broadcast on TV!

Some rules and guidelines:

1. This project is on a purely volunteer basis — thank you for investing your time and energy into it!

2. Any and all music must be cleared for broadcast. (See details and FAQs below.)

3. Videos must be positive! We’ve got so much negativity in politics today and we’re working hard to do things differently, so please keep the message upbeat and optimistic.

4. No non-campaign video may be used! Use the download links provided to the right or download from our Facebook page. (See details and FAQs below.)
Details and FAQs
1. What footage can I use? You can use any footage or images found on this website or on our Facebook page.
2. How do I download Facebook videos?  There are various websites that do this for you! is an option.
3. Can I use footage I’ve taken? Yes! Just know that this is giving the campaign permission to use the footage as well.
4. Can I use footage of other campaigns or our opponents’ campaign? For this project, we are only accepting footage taken by the campaign (or by you.)
5. How do I get a private link to the campaign once I’m done? You can upload the video to YouTube as a private video. Or you may use any number of file transfer routes, being a great option.
6. What music can I use? If you use music, you must have permission! has several great artists who are willing to let you use their music for free (often requesting their name in the credits) or you may consider purchasing great music at The campaign cannot take responsibility for improperly licensed music.