Paulsen Continues Dishonest TV Campaign

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Paulsen Continues Dishonest TV Campaign
New ad from Paulsen contains even more falsehood

After Congressman Paulsen and the special interests supporting his campaign were called out for running false and misleading ads last week, Paulsen’s campaign is doubling down on their dishonest attacks against Dean Phillips. In an effort to distract Minnesotans from his own unpopular votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act and increase the deficit by $1.9 trillion, Congressman Paulsen’s new campaign ad throws a handful of new, deceitful attacks against the wall — and again, none stick.

“Negative ads are one thing,” said Dean Phillips. “But spending millions of dollars to repeatedly and intentionally mislead voters is beneath the dignity of a member of Congress who touts his membership in the House Civility and Respect Caucus. Minnesotans have had enough, and they deserve better. That’s why I’m on a mission to change the culture of corruption caused by big money in our political system.”

The following is an excerpt from a “Dear Colleague” letter seeking new members of the Congressional Civility & Respect Caucus, of which Paulsen is a “ founding member”:

“The Caucus is dedicated to advancing the need for civil debate and respect for different opinions and beliefs. We can disagree, without being disagreeable, and lately Congress has been known for our personal attacks when we disagree. While we may disagree,and have passionately held beliefs, we can do so without resorting to uncivil and dangerous rhetoric that prevents us from finding common ground or solutions that work for everyone.”

Dean Phillips is doing things differently, running a positive, people-powered campaign built on contributions from more than 64,000 individuals — and zero PACs, special interests, or members of Congress. In April, Phillips challenged Congressman Paulsen to join him in signing the Minnesota Way Pledge, a mutual pledge to eliminate special interest money and self funding, and reduce or eliminate spending from outside groups on both sides. Paulsen has refused to sign, and is now the 6th-biggest taker of special interest-money in Congress — while benefiting from millions more spent on his behalf.

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