Release: Viral “We Found Bigfoot” Ad Gets TV Encore

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Viral “We Found Bigfoot” Ad Gets TV Encore
60-second spot will air on all major networks’ 6 PM news broadcasts on Monday

With well over one million views online and accolades from national media outlets and thousands of viewers calling it one of the best ads ever made, Phillips for Congress’s viral “We Found Bigfoot” online video has won a one-day encore run on television. A 60-second version of the spot will air on WCCO, KSTP, FOX9, and KARE11’s 6:00 PM news broadcasts on Monday, October 1st.

In the two days following Bigfoot’s release online, Phillips for Congress raised over $86,000 and saw enormous support from individuals hoping to see the memorable ad run on TV.

“As Dean said, when they go low, we go hilarious,” said Zach Rodvold, Campaign Manager for Phillips for Congress. “So while the airwaves are crowded with dishonest attack ads — most of them targeting Dean as part of a coordinated smear campaign — Bigfoot uses a little humor to communicate a serious message. And it’s funny because it’s true: Erik Paulsen is the 6th-biggest taker of special-interest money in Congress, and he spends his time courting his donors while avoiding his constituents at all costs.”

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