New Phillips Ad Offers a “New Way” Forward, Showcases Broad Support in Race for Congress

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New Phillips Ad Offers a “New Way” Forward, Showcases Broad Support in Race for Congress
Phillips continues to offer a positive alternative to Erik Paulsen’s lies and political distortions

Dean Phillips for Congress released a new TV ad this week. The ad, entitled “New Way,” showcases the broad support Phillips is generating in his campaign, with Democrats, independents and Republicans of all backgrounds joining together to help repair our politics and change Washington.

While Congressman Erik Paulsen continues to wage one of the most dishonest and negative campaigns in Minnesota history, Phillips is running a campaign built on honesty, decency and radical hospitality. In the ad, Phillips is seen with more than 200 of his campaign’s 2,000+ volunteers, all of whom are doing the work of the campaign — phone-banking, communicating with voters via social media, assembling lawn signs, and even writing handwritten thank-you notes to the campaign’s now more than 66,000 contributors.

“Our campaign is one where everyone’s invited — Democrats, independents and Republicans who know that we can do better,” said Dean Phillips. “Not only can we clean up corruption in Congress, but we can get past the lies and political distortions that blanket the airwaves, and return to a time  when we were able to disagree without being disagreeable. I’m excited by the response to our message, and for voters seeking a new way forward, I welcome them to join us.”

In making this television ad, the Phillips campaign once again demonstrated the unprecedented level to which their supporters are engaged in this race. A call was put out to campaign volunteers and four days later, more than 200 showed up to pitch in, making hundreds of calls and writing thousands of thank-yous.

In the week between the time “New Way” was taped and its release on the airwaves, meanwhile, Congressman Paulsen’s campaign has drawn even more intense criticism for his latest dishonest attack ad, the fourth straight from his campaign. Business leaders, community nonprofits, victims of sexual assault, and women’s-rights advocates have joined together to decry his latest ad as not only false, but shameful.

In that same time, Phillips for Congress’s total number of individual contributors increased from 64,000 to more than 66,000, further proving that the campaign’s message of change is gaining momentum by the day. Phillips is committed to being an independent voice for Minnesota, and refuses all campaign contributions from special interests, PACs, federal lobbyists, and members of Congress. Instead, he is running an accessible, positive campaign, even in the face of almost $10 million in attacks from Erik Paulsen and the outside special-interest groups supporting his campaign.



“Do you want to help change our country? Well I’m Dean Phillips, and these are all volunteers with my campaign for Congress. Democrats, Independents, and Republicans coming together, even helping to write thank-you notes for our 64,000 contributors. If you want to see people in Congress working together for our common interest, and not for special interests, I hope you’ll join us, too. Visit my website to see our plan to end the culture of corruption in Congress. I approve this message, because we can fix this, and everyone’s invited.”

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