Bigfoot in the News!

Animated GIF of BigfootHere’s what the media is saying about “Bigfoot,” the new Phillips for Congress ad:

WCCO (10/12/18):

Whose Voices Are Heard In Campaign Ads?

Vox (10/11/18):

Democrats are going for laughs in their midterms ads. Republicans are going for fear.
Why 2018 candidates, parties, and PACs are getting creative with their political ads.

Inc. (9/20/18):

This Crazily Enjoyable Ad Takes Political Advertising In a Whole New (and Really Quite Good) Direction
It’s rare I watch a political ad twice.

Twin Cities PBS (9/20/18):

Bigfoot Ad Ignites Congressional Race
MN CD-3 Congressman Erik Paulsen v. Dean Phillips

Mother Jones (9/20/18):

Campaign Ad Starring Bigfoot Seeks to Track Down Elusive GOP Congressman
“Does Erik Paulsen really exist?” the mythical creature asks.

City Pages (9/20/18):

Dean Phillips employs Bigfoot to hunt down the elusive Erik Paulsen

Spectator USA (9/20/18):

WATCH: Bigfoot stomps all over Congressman Erik Paulsen
A new political ad out of Minnesota is as searing — and side-splitting — as any in years

WCCO (9/19/18):

Reality Check: Phillips Ad Finds Bigfoot Looking For Rep. Paulsen

Coast to Coast AM (9/19/18):

Watch: ‘Bigfoot’ Stars in Political Ad

Daily Kos (9/19/18):

LOL! Bigfoot Goes Looking For Elusive Republican, Best Political Ad Since 1964 ‘Daisy’

Forbes (9/19/18):

Bigfoot Stars In Fantastic New Political Ad For Congressional Candidate

Observer (9/19/18):

Bigfoot Takes on Big Pharma in This Season’s Must-See Political Ad

AdWeek (9/18/18):

Bigfoot Tries to Get Footage of an Elusive Congressman in This Enjoyably Odd Political Ad
Democratic challenger paints incumbent as inaccessible

AdAge (9/18/18):

Bigfoot (Really) Is the Star of This Political Attack Ad

Bring Me the News (9/18/18):

Bigfoot stars in Dean Phillips’ attack ad against Erik Paulsen
The ad was released on Tuesday morning, and is already getting national attention

Golf Digest (9/18/18):

This is the greatest political attack ad in American history (and that’s saying something)

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