New Phillips for Congress Ad Highlights Paulsen’s Partisan Voting Record and Inaccessibility

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New Phillips for Congress Ad Highlights Paulsen’s Partisan Voting Record and Inaccessibility
“Wall” is a metaphor for Paulsen’s record of serving party leaders over constituents

Dean Phillips released a new TV ad today, highlighting Congressman Erik Paulsen’s highly partisan voting record and refusal to listen to the people he was elected to represent. In the ad, entitled “Wall,” Phillips is seen sitting in front of a larger than life concrete mural of Paulsen, a striking metaphor for the Congressman’s inaccessibility and partisanship.

Erik Paulsen has sought to paint himself as a bipartisan moderate who will break from party leadership when his district demands it, but the facts show otherwise. “Wall” notes the Congressman’s votes against commonsense gun reforms, which recently earned him an “A” rating from the NRA (up from an A– in 2016), and the fact that he has voted with the Trump Agenda 98% of the time in Congress, despite President Trump’s receiving just 41% of the vote in this district two years ago.

“As countless voters are now recognizing, Erik Paulsen’s quotes do not match his votes,” said Zach Rodvold, campaign manager for Phillips for Congress. “Congressman Paulsen talks about standing up to President Trump yet he votes with him 98% of the time. He says he’s seeking ‘solutions’ to our gun violence epidemic yet he’s consistently voted against common sense gun violence prevention measures, earning him the NRA’s highest grade. And while he claims to be an independent voice, Erik Paulsen is the fifth largest recipient of special interest money out of 435 members of Congress. At a minimum, Minnesotans deserve honesty, and they’re not getting that from Erik Paulsen.”

Phillips is committed to being an independent voice for Minnesota, and refuses all campaign contributions from special interests, PACs, federal lobbyists, and members of Congress. Instead, he is running a people-powered race with more than 120 public events and over 65,000 individual contributors to date.



“I’m Dean Phillips, and you’ve heard how my campaign for Congress is all about having a conversation. Well this is a wall, and it’s kind of like Erik Paulsen. It’s a nice wall, but you can’t have a conversation with it. Like on gun violence — Erik voted 21 times to let people on the terrorist watch list get guns, even domestic abusers — he won’t budge. And he’s voted 98% of the time with Donald Trump — he won’t budge on that either. I approve this message, how about you? “

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