Letter: Dean Phillips Represents the People

To the editor:

I never thought I would get into politics. It always seemed boring and unnecessarily argumentative. My parents are both conservative but not politically active, and I guess I never was one to choose sides. The year 2016 was the first time I realized that elections have consequences. Before then, elections were just a horse race. Someone wins, someone loses and my life went on the same as it had before.

This time was different, people around me were scared, and shocked that we ended up here. We were all angry. We were too young to vote and we wanted to scream at the people that could vote but didn’t.

Instead, we found a more productive way to channel our energy, by supporting Dean Phillips. About 100 or so high school and college kids are campaigning for Dean. We knock on doors, we march in parades and we spread the word that there’s a new candidate in town who is providing hope to those who feel helpless because of the current administration.

Dean represents the concerns of everyone in the district, whether that be high school students paralyzed by the fear of school shootings, families worried about their healthcare or immigrants who are unsure of their status here. I never thought I would get into politics, but with Dean’s promise for a better community, I felt I had to.

Lauren Simon
Maple Grove

Click here to read the original posting in the Press & News (7/27/18).


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