Letter: Dean Phillips’ Donations from Individuals, Not PACs

To the editor:

The Star Tribune reported the other day that the Paulsen-Phillips race is shaping up to be one of the most expensive in the state. As reported, this is largely thanks to the efforts of PACS (political action committees), who have poured millions into the race — over half of Erik Paulsen’s $3.7 million come from PACs. And no wonder they’re giving him so much money.

Congressman Paulsen has shown himself to be a reliable vote for his donors, as indicated by his support for bills that benefit Big Pharma, Big Oil, and the insurance industry.

Unlike with Erik Paulsen, the money funding Dean Phillips comes entirely from individuals. He’s refused every cent from PACs and special interests and takes six times the number of small money donations that Erik Paulsen does. Congressman Paulsen may call this a “gimmick,” but he’s received $2 million from PACs. Giving up that kind of fundraising isn’t a gimmick. It’s conviction — something Erik Paulsen could use a little more of in my opinion.

Heather Kurth Flesland
Maple Grove

Click here to read the original posting in the Press & News (8/2/18).


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