Letter: I Support Dean Phillips Because He Listens

To the editor:

Dean Phillips is my choice for Minnesota’s Third Congressional District. Our part of Minnesota needs someone new in that seat, and judging by the groundswell of excitement around Dean, change is coming!

I’m a mother of six, work full-time as a marketing director at a nonprofit and have lived in this area most of my life. Excelsior is my hometown; Minnetonka is my current residence. My heart and priorities and values are deeply rooted in this community. I’ve always voted, but never gotten involved in politics or a campaign, until now.

Why? Because Dean Phillips is the guy you see at the co-op, on his bike around town, at the kids’ games and events and talking to people he meets on the street. He listens. I had the chance to test that out this winter when my husband, 15-year-old daughter and I visited his ice house in Excelsior. There, we sat down face-to-face and talked about healthcare, sensible gun reform, taxes, support for vulnerable members of our community, robust and inclusive education, the environment and more. Dean listened, asked questions and listened some more. He was particularly interested in what my daughter had to say and ask. Dean knows the spirit of these kids and that their way of getting things done is key to the future of change at home and in Washington. He’s a dad, and he gets it.

Dean is willing to meet and talk and listen in the community. His opponent won’t do that. Dean has common sense ideas that are achievable. He wants change, and has the vision and passion to make it happen.

Everyone’s invited to the Dean Phillips campaign. Be like me: Learn more, put a sign in your yard and be ready to talk about the positive, exciting and smart change that’s coming in November. And? Vote!

Jill Holter

Click here to read the original posting in the Sun Sailor (7/30/18).


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