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With parades and door knocks on pause, digital engagement is becoming a more powerful voter outreach tool than ever before.

And, because we’re all more likely to listen to the people we trust—our friends, family, and neighbors—we can be powerful influences on the people we already know.

Thanks for stepping up!

How can you help spread Dean’s hopeful message?

Quickly share our social media content to your own social channels 1-2 times a week.

Comment on our content twice a week or more. Your engagement helps make our content more visible.

Strike-up bridge-building conversations with other folks on our social channels. If you can answer questions or point people to resources on our website, even better!

Prompt people to make a difference by asking them to join the DeanTeam. Then point them to the webpage that makes taking action, simple.

Show off your support for Dean with flair!

You’re behind Dean 110%. That’s why we created frames, cover photos, social media graphics, and more just for you—so you can let the world know you’re a proud member of the #DeanTeam.

Build your skills—and multiply your impact

Quick tips

With these 9 simple tips, you’ll elevate your influence no matter where you engage. Discover how.

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Get an inside peek at the strategies and tactics we use to engage our audience—and put them to work yourself!

Together, we can amplify Dean’s hopeful message—and drive positive change.

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