Show off your support for Dean with our digital toolkit!

Add a snazzy profile photo frame


Just search for “DeanTeam” in the Facebook frame library.

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Have a Facebook account?

Import your new profile pic to Instagram.

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Other channels

Use our Canva template »

Just upload and resize your photo—then click “position” and select “backward.” That’s it!

Celebrate your #DeanTeam status with a social media cover photo

Post these graphics and encourage your friends to vote in every election—and help spread optimism

Bask in your Dean spirit with a phone wallpaper

Show you’re a Dean voter with a Zoom background

Discover the tips and tricks that can help you spread your #DeanTeam message far-and-wide!

Quick tips

With these 9 simple tips, you’ll elevate your influence no matter where you engage. Discover how.

Dig deeper

Get an inside peek at the strategies and tactics we use to engage our audience—and put them to work yourself!

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