Elevate your social media influence with these 9 simple tips

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Becoming a super influencer is easier than you think

When you bring together the best in Silicon Valley-thinking and the lessons we all learned back in kindergarten, you’ll be empowered to reach people in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Here are nine proven ways you can amp-up your social media influence right now.

Be attentive

Listen and validate first

When you do, you’ll discover common ground. And, that’s the fertile soil in which your constructive conversations can grow! Remember, you can just agree with the sentiment, like “I can tell you care about [other people, our country, your neighbors, etc…].”

Build trust

This will be your number one goal. Why? When people trust you, they’ll listen to you. So, be consistent, act intentionally, and pause conversations when you feel heated (and are more likely to make a false step).

Avoid making assumptions

As it turns out, we’re terrible mind readers—decades of research bears that out. So, slow things down and ask, and then you’ll know for sure. Otherwise you might miss the mark and the person you’re chatting with could feel pushed or judged.

Be engaging

Ask questions

Science shows that when things are worded in the form of a question, our brains light-up. Meaning: You’ll get more of your audience’s attention when you reword your message to invite their thoughts.

Say, “Yes, and…”

This is a really simple way of ensuring the person you’re chatting with feels heard—and that increases the likelihood that they’ll listen to you, too. (When we instead say, “but,” people feel as though their statement has just been negated—and we won’t win by making people feel lousy.)

Reward people for their time

When you offer a simple thank you or share an innocuous joke (never at another’s expense) that little bit of surprise and delight will keep them engaged and more likely to come back.

Be of service

Be patient

Remember: Changing minds takes time! Don’t expect that you’ll bring someone around to another conclusion in the span of a single conversation. Instead, keep asking questions and point them to helpful resources. These small connecting sessions can make all the difference.

Allow space

When you ask questions that nudge people to come up with the right answer, respond in their own voice, and change their own minds, they’re more likely to come around. So, rather than pushing people to a decision, which they will resist all the more, give them grace.

Remember “Everyone’s invited!”

Just follow Dean’s lead. Do all you can to learn from others—even when they come to the conversation with very different values and life experiences. It’s how we build bridges and create progress.

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