Letter: I Was a Young Conservative; Now I’m Voting for Dean Phillips

To the editor:

This month is Gun Violence Awareness Month, and people across the country are fighting for the right to feel safe in their communities. As a college student, my friends and I continue to worry about the next tragedy. I have friends in schools in Minnesota and across the country who live with the worry that they could be the next target.

Several months ago at my school in Missouri, there was a student on campus with a handgun. As my professor barricaded the door, and I sat with my fellow students frantically texting their families, I wondered why our government continues to ignore our cries for help. Thankfully, no one was hurt that day, but many schools across the country haven’t been as lucky.

If the current Congress refuses to take action, we’re going to have to stand up and vote for candidates who will.

That’s why, this November, I will be voting for Dean Phillips. He has a plan to prevent these senseless tragedies. He has outlined provisions to ban assault weapons, support mental health in schools and fund Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research into gun violence.

In the past, I considered myself a conservative voter, but because Erik Paulsen has shown time and time again that he won’t do enough to prevent gun violence, I’m voting for someone who is making gun violence prevention one of his top priorities.

Abi Butler

Click here to read the original posting on the Sun Sailor (6/11/18).


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