Letter: Why I Support Dean Phillips

To the editor:

The source of campaign contributions is a trustworthy indicator of who will truly represent residents of the third congressional district: incumbent Erik Paulsen or his challenger Dean Phillips.

Paulsen currently occupies the eye-popping rank of number FOUR among reps who have accepted the most PAC money. That’s right — of 435 U.S. House reps, only three take more outside money than Erik Paulsen. He’s raked in over $2.6 million from political action committees. PACs are funded primarily by corporations and billionaires outside our district, and exist for one reason only: to influence elections and legislation.

Dean Phillips? Zero PAC money. Sixty-seven thousand individual contributors, donating an average of $33 each, have provided 100% of his campaign funds. And that’s who Phillips will listen to before casting votes in Congress: his constituents. The lion’s share of Paulsen’s votes, on the other hand, reflect the interests of the outside parties that pour money into his campaign coffers.

Side note: Erik actually sits in FIRST place for taking money from politically conservative PACs. Combine that with his votes—98 percent of which support President Trump’s agenda—and it’s plain that Paulsen is a far cry from the moderate politician his commercials and campaign literature try to make him out to be.

On Nov. 6, my family and I will vote for Dean Phillips, who has proven by refusing to accept outside money that he’ll represent us and our neighbors.

Martha McNey

Click here to read the original posting in the Sun Sailor (10/23/18).


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