Release: Dean Phillips Sets the Record Straight in New TV Ad

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Dean Phillips Sets the Record Straight in New TV Ad
In “The Truth,” Phillips takes aim at Erik Paulsen’s atrocious healthcare record

Today, Dean Phillips released a new television ad, highlighting his long history of taking good care of his employees and calling out Congressman Erik Paulsen for taking millions from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries while voting to increase healthcare costs and gut protections for pre-existing conditions.

The ad — entitled “The Truth” — also sets the record straight after Erik Paulsen and the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) launched a coordinated and misleading TV campaign against Phillips. Erik Paulsen is the 6th-biggest taker of special-interest money in Congress and benefits from millions more in spending from outside special-interest groups like CLF.

“Dean Phillips is a businessman who takes good care of his employees, including by offering healthcare plans to full time workers. He understands how challenging it is for small-businesses to afford healthcare. That’s why Dean has called for Congressional action to make sure every American has access to affordable healthcare when they need it,” said Zach Rodvold, Campaign Manager for Dean Phillips for Congress. “Congressman Paulsen, meanwhile, is a career politician who has voted time and time again to strip healthcare from more than 20 million Americans and gut protections for pre-existing conditions — all while taking millions from insurance and drug companies.”

Congressman Paulsen has a long history of misrepresenting the truth, and given his precarious standing in publicly-available polling, he is likely to continue his negative advertising campaign in an attempt to distract and mislead 3rd District voters.



“I’m Dean Phillips, and Erik Paulsen is saying I don’t offer healthcare to our workers. Well, he’s not telling you the truth, and it won’t be the last time he does that in a TV ad. Just like we did at Phillips Distilling and Talenti Gelato, we do offer healthcare to full-time employees — no thanks to Erik Paulsen, though. He’s taken millions from insurance and drug companies, while voting to take away affordable healthcare and get rid of protections for pre-existing conditions. I approve this message, because our campaign is about changing Washington — and everyone’s invited.”

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