Letter: Dean Phillips Supports Students

To the editor:

As campaigns for the Congressional District 3 race begin to increase, it’s evident to me that there is only one candidate who reflects the values of students. Dean Phillips not only listens to us, but asks what he can do for us instead of what we can do for him. If elected, he will vote to keep us safe in school, and he will reach over party lines to create gun violence prevention policies that support us.

When he speaks to us, we are speaking to an equal. Phillips values students’ opinions and asks for insight into issues we value even though many of us are too young to vote.

That is why this summer and fall, my fellow students and I will be supporting Dean Phillips to help him get elected. The students will fight for him because he’s committed to fighting for us.

Voters play an important role in maintaining the foundation of democracy. I ask you to please consider voting for Dean Phillips for Congress on Nov. 6, for the future of this nation, and for the students who can’t vote yet.

Stop by one of his events; after one conversation with Dean you’ll see the passion and support he has for the community and all of its people.

Sydney Lewis
Eden Prairie

Click here to read the original posting on the Sun Current (6/17/18).


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