Letter: Phillips Stands Out in the Congressional Race

To the editor:

In the race to Election Day, one congressional candidate has chosen to flood the airwaves with negative, divisive, and knowingly inaccurate ads. In contrast, Dean Phillips has offered a fresh, positive, and inclusive vision for our district.

In the upcoming election we have the choice to reject the culture of division and fear that the current administration has presented, and that Congressman Erik Paulsen has adopted, and come together to find positive solutions to the significant problems that we face.

Dean Phillips is already serving our community by providing positive and principled leadership. “Everyone’s Invited” is not only the slogan but the guiding principle of a campaign that has been built around listening to all the voices within our community. He’s present and available to the constituents that he seeks to represent. He has clear plans to move us forward and through the challenges ahead of us, leading to a brighter version of who we can be.

Dean has stepped forward into a vacuum of leadership and is showing us a better way, even before being elected. He deserves our vote and our support.

Rob Wilcox
Eden Prairie

Click here to read the original posting in the Eden Prairie News (10/26/18).


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