Letter: Phillips Brings Energy, Openness, Optimism

To the editor:

Dean Phillips is a fresh new face on the political scene. From the first time we heard him speak here in Edina we were impressed by his energy, openness, optimism, and willingness to begin a grassroots campaign that has already proven to be very successful. His goal has not been to trash his opponent like so many do these days, but rather to tell us who and what he is and how he can make the lives of those he will represent better in Washington, D.C., with the current climate of political dishonesty, promises made, promises broken.

As a businessman and philanthropist Dean knows how to treat people fairly, with respect, and most of all he listens carefully to what the people in his congressional district are telling him. From day one, he said he would not take PAC money from anyone and would grow his campaign with individual contributions. His appearances on the road at gatherings large and small, debates with his opponent on public radio and at other events sponsored by local groups like, The League of Women Voters, has proven that he is more than qualified to lead us all in a positive direction. His commitment to work across the aisle in Washington, D.C., is but one thing that he feels is imperative if success can be achieved for all of us in the time of political divisiveness. We have no doubt that Dean can bring back a sense of civility to politics and our vote will be with him on Nov. 6.

Jack and Diane Lacy

Click here to read the original posting in the Sun Current (10/25/18).


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