Letter: Paulsen Takes Campaign to a New Low

To the editor:

I was sitting in the waiting room at the Allina Radiology and Oncology center when I first saw Erik Paulsen’s ad demonizing Dean Phillips and the Allina Health Care system. The feeling of gratitude that had filled my heart as I was waiting for my last visit with my radiologist for my breast cancer treatment was replaced with disgust and anger as I watched this dark and vulgar video. I looked around the room at the others waiting for care and I wondered how they would feel if they happened upon the ad as I just did. When you are being treated for a life threatening condition and you have hope you have won the battle with the excellent care of the hospital and their staff, your gratitude makes you want to fight for their honor and reputation.

I am appalled that Erik Paulsen trashes Dean Phillips in one ad after another, but now Paulsen is trashing a place where thousands have found cures and help at the most difficult times of their lives. Erik Paulsen has taken the dark ads to a new low. It is simply disgusting.

Erik Paulsen will be leaving Congress with a disgraced reputation rather than one that honors him for serving. He must be desperate to be willing to tarnish his service in this way. The only ads I see from Paulsen’s team are ones trashing Dean Phillips. Has Paulsen nothing positive to say about himself?

I have had the good fortune to get to know Dean Phillips during this campaign. He is honorable, just and most kind. Dean has a heart that cares deeply for others. He is a brilliant man who will work hard to make life better for us all. Dean is nothing like the dark ads Paulsen’s people are putting out in the media. Dean Phillips will be a most excellent representative for our district. I can’t wait to call him my congressman.

Randi Reitan
Eden Prairie

Click here to read the original posting in the Eden Prairie News (10/20/18).


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