Paulsen’s Patrons Filling the Airwaves with Even More Falsehoods and Distortions

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Paulsen’s Patrons Filling the Airwaves with Even More Falsehoods and Distortions
New NRCC ad attacks Dean Phillips for something that happened two years after he stepped down as CEO of Phillips Distilling

Just days after Erik Paulsen and the special interests supporting his campaign were called out for running false and misleading ads against Dean Phillips, party committees and special interest super PACs benefitting Congressman Paulsen are doubling down on their dishonest attacks, with the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) launching yet another smear ad featuring false claims.

The new NRCC ad claims that Dean Phillips “profited” from — and his company was “cited” for — marketing alcohol to underage people. The private citizen’s complaint to the Distilled Spirits Council referenced in the ad by the NRCC occurred in 2014, two years after Dean Phillips left his position as CEO of Phillips Distilling, and while he held no financial stake in the company.

“Negative ads are one thing,” said Dean Phillips. “But spending millions of dollars to repeatedly and intentionally mislead voters is beneath the dignity of a member of Congress and his allies. That’s why I’m on a mission to change the culture of corruption caused by big money in our political system.”

More than 63,000 individuals, and zero PACs, special interests, or members of Congress, have donated to Dean Phillips. In April, Phillips challenged Congressman Paulsen to join him in signing the Minnesota Way Pledge, which would eliminate special interest money and self funding, and reduce or eliminate spending from outside groups on both sides. Paulsen has refused to sign, and is now the 6th biggest taker of special interest money in Congress — while benefiting from millions more spent on his behalf.

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