Dean at the Campaign Coffeehouse

The DeanTeam Opens the Door on a New Space and Announces 2020 Events

We were overjoyed to see so many old and new friends at the Campaign Coffeehouse open house last Saturday. More importantly, we can’t wait to reignite the energy of the 2018 campaign. We know many of you are anxious to roll up your sleeves and dig in, as well—and that spirit, that energy is what makes the DeanTeam so special.

Well, we’ve got great news—there are lots of exciting events on the agenda. Dates and times are still to come, but, until then, we thought we’d give you a sneak preview.

Phone Bank Bingo by the Fireside

Join us for Phone Bank Bingo, when hang-ups and lucky conversation streaks win the board! We’ll serve up snacks and turn on the fireplace channel to set the perfect mood. Please bring your cell—and your cheeriest phone voice.

CD3 Senate District Chair Roundtable

Senate District Chairs are invited to gather at our campaign coffeehouse for a brainstorm/strategy sesh. We’ll discover ways to coordinate our efforts and support each other every step of the way. Together, we can turn every district in CD3 blue.

Coffee with Dean Out & About in CD3

Join Dean for some good old coffee and conversation on the campaign trail. He’ll be on the road in the Government Repair Truck, so you can hear his firsthand updates on D.C. and his hopes for our future. You’ll also get a chance to let him know what’s on your mind.

Let’s Talk Caucuses

Are you a little unclear when it comes to the Minnesota caucus system? Then, this is the event for you. We’ll take you from confused to crystal clear, ensuring you walk away with a full understanding of how the system works—and ready for February 25th! Pro tip: Bringing a tasty snack to share helps bring us together and learn new things.

DeanTeam Service Projects

Pull on your Phillips t-shirt and jump in with the DeanTeam as we give back to our communities. Led by service project extraordinaire, Kim Gohman, you can count on opportunities to make a difference throughout our district every single month. Lend a hand and make a meaningful impact!

Ice Skating, Ice Fishing, Good Times!

Bring your kids, your fishing poles, and your best triple toe loop for a day of wintry family fun at the Ice Shack. In true Minnesota-style, we’ll prove why you really can’t top campaigning in snow country.

Knitting and Knocking

Bring a snack to share and wool if you knit. We’ll gather for a close-knit evening of door knocking tips and tricks from the pros. They’ll needle us into feeling brave and fired up to win at the doors!

Chili and Candidates

Cook up your best blue-ribbon chili and come meet the candidates running for state offices in CD3. These brave souls are giving their all to run—and it will take all of us working together to turn CD3 blue. Let’s show them we’re in.

Invite-a-Friend Coffee Chat with Dean

Invite your friends to join you for a chat with Dean over coffee, cocoa, and sweets in our family-friendly campaign coffeehouse. Everyone’s invited, big and small—there’s fun for all!

Volunteer Fair

This is it—the day when we meet up and organize our teams. We’ll have the coffee ready to get introductions and ideas brewing. Meet volunteers who share your interests, swap contact info, select leaders, and set your highly-caffeinated plans in motion.

Valentines, Volunteers, & Voter Love

Valentines are the perfect way to say Be Mine and Vote Blue! Our makerspace will be full tilt with glitter, glue, and papercrafts. So, come on out. We’ll share campaign ideas to bring the love on Election Day!


Potluck and Presidential Hopes

Whose button is on your lapel? Which presidential candidate’s plans fire you up? Let’s break bread and talk because, no matter which candidate has won our hearts, we know we’re all on the same team working for brighter days ahead.

We can’t wait to put these events in motion. Interested? Be sure to keep your eyes peeled. We’ll announce dates and times via email, Facebook, and our website.

The doors to the campaign coffeehouse – makerspace – meeting place are now open—and everyone’s invited.

Come find us at 3333 County Road 101, Suite D in Wayzata.


Open hours

Monday 10 – 6
Tuesday 10 – 6
Wednesday 10 – 6
Thursday 10 – 6
Friday 10 – 6
Saturday 9 – Noon
Sunday 9 – Noon

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