Letter: Dean Phillips Looks Out for the Little Guy

To the editor:

I encourage everyone in Congressional District 3 to vote for Dean Phillips. I am extremely impressed with his grasp of the issues, his hard work and his creativity. He readily admits that he is “lucky” to have his family background of wealth and education. As voters, we must remember, wealth is not a bad thing; it is how you use the wealth that is important. Dean has used his mostly for the little guy. To create a “government repair truck” and ride around the district meeting people is a refreshing change from our present nearly invisible representative.

Dean has invited our present representative to a series of forums that have been scheduled; he has not shown up to any. To build an ice house on Lake Minnetonka last winter and invite people in is a sign of someone who truly listens to voters. But, most of all I am heartened by his true commitment to getting “big money” out of politics. Thousands of individual contributions are funding his campaign; he rejects all special interest, PAC and SuperPAC money. That cannot be said of our present representative.

Ignore the negative advertising; I am impressed that Dean responds quickly to ridiculous ads, but as voters, we should ignore them. I think the following quote from Dean’s website sums up what I have been trying to say: “While luck brought me into a family that afforded me great opportunity, it also demanded accountability, responsibility, hard work and civic engagement. I am very grateful for these gifts, and to have been raised in a family that taught me that success should not be measured by what is collected, but by what is shared.” Voters in CD3 should share their vote with Dean Phillips.

Lonni Skrentner

Click here to read the original posting in the Sun Current (10/3/18).


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