Letter: Join Dean Phillips’ Movement

To the editor:

I’m incredibly proud of the progress Dean Phillips has made in our communities here in Minnesota’s Third District. He decided to run because he was disappointed in the state our government is in and he’s come so close to the election.

I can feel the excitement coursing through the Phillips campaign. Every one of the six parades my boys (2 and 4) and I have marched in has been fun, exciting, and inspiring. This campaign is like no other. ‘Change is coming’ they say, and I truly believe it. Dean Phillips is a passionate citizen, successful business owner, eco-friendly, candidate who has my full support.

Volunteering with this campaign creates friendships, conversation, and camaraderie. Most importantly, it creates community. By creating this community, we learn how representation should really work. We learn how important our actions as voters are. From phone-banking, parades, door-knocking, etc. there’s a place for everyone to help. If I can get my two boys to go door knocking with me and have fun doing it, you can too!

It puts meaning in the words ‘Everyone’s invited’ because it’s true. Walking into Conversation Cottage, no one will ever be greeted with a frown. That’s not how they do things.

Come one and all. Join this movement. I’m glad I did.

Keith Nagel
Maple Grove

Click here to read the original posting in the Press & News (9/21/18).


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