Letter: Frustrated with Rep. Paulsen’s False Claims

To the editor:

As a citizen frustrated with the current political climate, I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming elections. I find myself discouraged and depressed however, at the ridiculous barrage of false advertising — particularly from our current representative, Erik Paulsen.

As someone who has voted for many Republicans and Democrats, I always look at candidates with skepticism. However, the easily disproven, fraudulent attacks by the Paulsen campaign against Dean Phillips are particularly unsettling. Of the numerous negative attacks, one stands out above the rest: the accusation that Phillips covered up harassment at Allina’s Health System Clinics. This is blatantly false, and disputed by both the business and the women themselves. Paulsen has yet to stop running the ad or apologize for the debunked claim, cynically hoping that voters simply swallow it. This new, corrosive trend of creating your own truth and lying to the public is destructive. Fabricating a story involving harassment because it is currently such an emotional issue is repulsive.

We’ve also been told that Dean Phillips avoids paying his taxes (he doesn’t) and doesn’t provide healthcare to employees (he does), and as more of these dishonest attacks are unveiled, we learn just how far Erik Paulsen is willing to go to keep his job.

We as a district (and state and nation) need to seek positivity and focus on enacting constructive change to better society. As voters, it is our responsibility to investigate a claim that disturbs us, discount the falsehoods, and most importantly – hold those who lie to us accountable.

As long as inflammatory dishonesty is rewarded, it will sadly be employed by people like Paulsen.

Dean Phillips has run a positive, informative, accessible campaign, and I intend to reward him Tuesday.

James Denton

Click here to read the original posting in the Sun Current (10/24/18).


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