Release: Phillips for Congress Releases Video Series Featuring Former Erik Paulsen Voters

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Phillips for Congress Releases Video Series Featuring Former Erik Paulsen Voters
After voting for Erik Paulsen in 2016, SURVEY USA shows 17% are making the switch in 2018

With four weeks to go before Election Day, Dean Phillips’s campaign for Congress today released a video series featuring former Erik Paulsen voters sharing their personal stories as to why they are supporting Dean Phillips this year.

With over 65,000 individual contributors and more than 1,500 volunteers, Phillips’s campaign is powered with the help of Democrats, independents and Republicans coming together to spark conversations and elect Dean Phillips this November.

It’s a movement that’s gaining steam: a recent KSTP SurveyUSA Poll showed that 17% of people who voted for Erik Paulsen in 2016 plan to vote for Dean Phillips in 2018.

“When we say, ‘Everyone’s invited’ we mean it,” said Dean Phillips. “I am proud to have earned the support of Sarah, Tim, Dallas, Kris, and so many others who have supported Congressman Paulsen in the past but are tired of the culture of corruption in Washington and ready for accessible, inclusive and independent-minded leadership in our district again.”

“I’ve gotten to know Erik as a moderate, but I’ve watched his votes and his interests change as he’s taken more money from special-interest groups,” said Tim from Minnetonka. “I’ve watched him get less moderate on gun control, I’ve watched him get less modeate on healthcare, and I’ve watched him get less moderate on fiscal responsibility. I’ll be voting for Dean Phillips this November.”

“I voted for Erik Paulsen in the past two elections,” said Kris from Eden Prairie. “I thought he was trustworthy, but once Trump was elected I was horrified to discover that actually he wasn’t he moderate Republican he claimed to be. His votes align 97% in line with Trump, which I find absolutely unacceptable in a district that voted for Hillary by a wide margin.”

“I’m a lifelong Republican and have loyally voted for Erik Paulsen in the past and even Jim Ramstad,” said Bruce from Plymouth. “This election, however, I’m voting for Dean Phillips, and my reason is respect. I’ve had many conversations with Dean, and while we agree on many of the issues, we disagree on others. But our conversations have always been respectful, and respectful dialogue is the key to finding middle ground, and middle ground is the key to making everyone’s life a little better. This is why I’m supporting Dean Phillips, and I hope that you do too.”

As part of the video release, Phillips for Congress also unveiled a new page on the campaign’s website where voters can hear these and other former Erik Paulsen supporters talk about why they are making the switch and will be voting for Dean in 2018. The campaign has invited others to share their stories as well, and more are coming in every week.

Phillips is capturing attention from around the country for running a positive, people-powered campaign built on contributions from more than 65,000 individuals — and zero PACs, special interests, or members of Congress. In April, Phillips challenged Congressman Paulsen to join him in signing the Minnesota Way Pledge, a mutual pledge to eliminate special-interest money and self-funding, and reduce or eliminate spending from outside groups on both sides. Paulsen has refused to sign, and is now the 5th-biggest taker of special-interest money in all of Congress — while benefiting from millions more spent on his behalf.

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