Dean Phillips Releases First TV Ad: “Coffee and Conversation”

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Dean Phillips Releases First TV Ad: “Coffee and Conversation”
Ad highlights Phillips’s experience as a business owner, and his mission to get people talking again

Today Dean Phillips’s campaign for Congress released its first TV ad, titled “Coffee and Conversation.” The ad highlights Dean’s background as a business owner who takes care of his employees, including at Penny’s Coffee where they voluntarily pay a $15 per hour minimum wage. It also features Dean’s Government Repair Truck, a 1960 International Harvester milk truck that he drives around Minnesota’s Third District in an effort to get people talking again.

“I approach public policy the same way I’ve helped build businesses – by soliciting ideas from everybody, by being innovative, collaborative and always finding ways to do more with less,” said Dean.

“And since representation begins with listening, I’ve spent the past year and a half traveling the district in my Government Repair Truck, having thousands of conversations with people of all perspectives and backgrounds. From those conversations, I know there is so much more that unites us than divides us. We must listen to people again — not the special interests that have corrupted Congress.”

Transcript of “Coffee and Conversation”:

“I love coffee and conversation. I’m Dean Phillips, and I started Penny’s Coffee to build a better business. Where we pay a livable wage, and where people have a place to just talk. I think we need more of that in Congress, so this is my Government Repair Truck. I’m running for Congress because if we are ever going to address things like the cost of college and healthcare in this country, we’ve got to start listening to people, and not the special interests. I approve this message because change starts with coffee and conversation. And everyone’s invited.”

The ad can be seen here.

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