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Dean Phillips Gives Minnesotans a Reason to Send Him Back to Congress in Final Debate

MINNETONKA, MN – In a one hour debate on WCOO radio today, Dean Phillips rose above divisive fear tactics and gave Minnesotans a reason to send him back to Washington. For the second time in one week, Dean’s opponent declined to share his vision for our future, misrepresented the truth, and doubled down on his support for Donald Trump. 

With unrelenting optimism in the face of dishonest attacks, Dean thoughtfully answered policy questions and shared details about the bipartisan success from his historic first term in Congress. Minnesotans are voting in record numbers, and they deserve the truth: 

  • Dean Phillips is a bipartisan leader and has voted four times more often with Pete Stauber than with Nancy Pelosi. 
    In Congress, Dean has voted 393 times with his fellow Problem Solvers Caucus member Pete Stauber (R-MN) and 79 times with Speaker Pelosi. As a proud member of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, Dean is inspiring a new era of collaboration in Washington. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce honored Dean with their 2020 Jefferson-Hamilton Award for Bipartisanship, he is the 27th most bipartisan out of 437 House members, and one out of every three bills Dean cosponsored was introduced by a Republican.
  • Dean wants to see a new generation of leaders in Congress.
    No Democrat stepped forward to run against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker in the 116th Congress, but Dean remains committed to supporting a new generation of leaders in the House. As a crucial first step, Dean secured a “Break the Gridlock” rules change to ensure that no Speaker of the House can unilaterally block bills that have earned broad bipartisan support.
  • Dean Phillips leads with optimism and gets results for Minnesota. 
    President Trump signed Dean’s bipartisan Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Flexibility Act into law, saving millions of small businesses and American jobs. Now, Dean is leading the Problem Solvers Caucus in introducing a bipartisan “March to Common Ground” framework to break the impasse on COVID-19 relief negotiations.
  • Dean Phillips works for the people and is a leading voice for transparency, accountability, and integrity. 
    Dean is on a mission to end the corrupting influence of special interest money in our politics and on Capitol Hill. He refuses all campaign contributions from PACs, special interests, federal lobbyists, and other members of Congress, proudly serves on the House Ethics Committee, and authored the TRUTH Act, which would have required the federal government to disclose where COVID-19 relief money is going.
  • Dean Phillips builds strong coalitions, and Everyone’s Invited!
    The Star Tribune, labor unions, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association have all endorsed Dean. The Minnesota Farm Bureau calls Dean a “Friend of the Farm,” and the Campaign to Fix the Debt named Dean a “2020 Fiscal Hero.” 


Phillips refuses all campaign contributions from PACs, federal lobbyists, and other members of Congress. Since first running for Congress in 2018, Dean Phillips has raised over $9 million from more than 150,000 individuals – and counting.

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