Letter: You Can’t Count on Republicans Anymore

To the editor:

There was a time when Republicans rushed to the defense of the nation when it was being attacked, like the probe into the Russian subversion of the 2016 American election. No more. I haven’t heard a peep out of Representative Erik Paulsen about the importance of carrying the investigation to its conclusions. Once you could count on Republicans to push for a balanced budget. No more. Representative Paulsen voted for the budget-busting, trillion-dollar deficit tax program last year. Once Republicans prided themselves on their independence and ability to make the tough choices. No more. Paulsen votes with the president more than 97 percent of the time. There was a time when Republicans favored down-home democracy. No more. Paulsen has not met his constituents in a public town hall meeting in more than seven years. I am voting in November for Dean Phillips to be my representative to Congress from the Third District, and I would even if Paulsen were a traditional Republican. Dean Phillips refuses to accept money from special interest groups and PACs. Accessible and affordable health care, rebuilding our schools and combating climate change are among his priorities. And I have met him personally. I like and trust him.

Christopher Sullivan

Click here to read the original posting on the Sun Sailor (5/21/18).


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