Release: Dean Phillips Announces $0 Raised from PACs and Special Interests

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Dean Phillips Announces $0 Raised from PACs and Special Interests
Phillips fundraising The Minnesota Way, with more than 8,000 individual contributors

Excelsior, MN – Today, Dean Phillips for Congress announced having raised more than $2.2 million this election cycle, far more than any previous Democratic candidate has ever raised in this district at this point in a race. All $2,253,204 was raised from individuals, as Dean is the only congressional candidate in the country who refuses to take money from PAC’s, special interests, federal lobbyists or members of Congress.

“Out of 435 members of Congress, Erik Paulsen has raised the 8th most money from special interests — including another $500,000 in the last three months alone. Simply put, his votes are being bought and sold,” said Dean Phillips. “I am proud that more than 8,000 individuals have invested in our campaign — and last week I began thanking many of them in person at their doors. One of them was Norbert— and it’s people like him who fill me with hope.”

Dean Phillips has called on Erik Paulsen to sign The Minnesota Way pledge, a mutual pact to forgo all money from PACs, special interests and self-financing and limit or eliminate spending by outside groups. It would also require each to hold at least two accessible, public events per month in the district, to allow voters to engage with the candidates ahead of the election. To date, Rep. Paulsen has repeatedly refused to sign it.

“Special interests have invested heavily to buy this seat in Congress in the past, but voters are beginning to recognize the extent of the corruption. They understand that the millions of dollars Erik Paulsen takes from powerful special interests is the reason he repeatedly votes against his own district,” concluded Phillips. “To understand why the votes don’t match his quotes, just follow the money.”


Erik Paulsen raised $556,250 from PACs in the past three months, putting him over $2,000,000 for this election cycle alone, and over $8.5 million for his career. This despite the fact that as a state legislator, he said he wanted to ban PAC contributions to candidates and even abolish PACs entirely.

As usual, Paulsen raised far more from PACs than individuals this quarter, with just $18,359 in low-dollar contributions. Despite having been in the race for five fewer months, Phillips has outraised Paulsen from individuals by nearly $700,000.

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