Saturday, February 20, 2021

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Together, we marked this challenging time—and illuminated the way to brighter days ahead

We’d like to express our gratitude to Bob Israel for photographing this event. Thank you.


Movement II: Night Theme
Allie McIntosh
Musical guest

Mayor Ron Case
City of Eden Prairie

Shanti Shah
Indian Community Activist, MAIDA

Congressman Dean Phillips

Land Acknowledgement and Opening Prayer
Pastor David Landt
Mills Church

Sharing Impact Stories
Imam Mohammed Dukuly
Masjid Al-Ansar Islamic Community Center

Naming What We’ve Lost and Moment of Silence
Rabbi Jill Crimmings
Bet Shalom Congregation

City Lights
Allie McIntosh
Musical guest

Poem: Seeing Together (Co-Vid) by Patricia Hughes Baumer
Rev. Trish Sullivan Vanni, Ph.D.
Charis Ecumenical Catholic Community

Rev. Dr. Francis O.S. Tabla
Ebenezer Community Church

Final Thoughts
Congressman Dean Phillips

Concerto No. 4 L’Inverno / Winter (Op. 8 No. 4) by Antonio Vivaldi
Allie McIntosh
Musical guest



I would like to honor the memory of the father of my student who lost his life to COVID19.

Sue Scott
I would like to honor all of the healthcare workers who have risked their lives to help others. I continue to be deeply grateful to have Dean as my representative in Congress!

Deb Calvert
I’d like to honor my friends’ parents.
May their loss be the reason for positive change and not be for nothing.

Sue Garnett

Alexia Reed Holtum
I am holding all of my family, friends, and the broader community in my heart during this challenging time. I am holding a space in my heart to care for all those individuals who are struggling, feeling hopeless, and a bit broken. Thank you for being willing to step up and lead during this challenging time in our shared history. Thank you for being willing to put yourself on the line to generate a better world where everyone matters and everyone counts.

Ulrike Axen
I’d like to honor all the caregivers who have been working so hard this year and facing this every day.

Susan Colby
I’d like to honor my mom.

Carol Holmes
I’d like to honor my mother in assisted living who is very lonely.

Susan Lewis

Bev & Jeff Edelstein

Paul Kraske

Carol Miletti
I’d like to honor my mom who just died from COVID. A proud member of the DEAN TEAM. This is much needed for me now.

Andrew Morrow

Becky & George Monson
We would like to honor ALL who’ve died of Covid.

Pat & Tony Levy
Shorewood, MN
We would like to honor front line workers everywhere.

Merlyn Olson

Alan Rissman

Heather Jackson 
I’d like to honor healthcare workers

Kay & Dan McCarthy

Maureen Malloy

Rob Shainess

Sue Stellmacher
May we get everyone vaccinated, get our society back to some semblance of normal and regrow our economy.

Thomas Riley Brown

Cresta Jones
I’d like to honor my grandfather Oscar Wedel who died of complications of COVID-19. May their memories be for a blessing – holding all those we have lost to the pandemic in our hearts

Thomas Kiekhafer
Coon Rapids

Judith Ronnei
I’d like to honor Michael. Prayers for his family.

Kati Simons
Eden Praire

Anne Pierce

Betsy Kiekhafer
Honoring Tim Liszewski and Joe Lengyel.
Tim worked for Indivisible and helped get Dean elected. Joe and Tim died from COVID. Joe was husband’s cousin.

Richard Herr

Jennifer O’Brien
I’d like to honor my family, friends and coworkers.

Shannon Heupel
Honoring all our healthcare workers.

Carol Bomben

Joanne Sunquist

Janelle Baker
I’d like to honor my mother.
Praying for our country.

Anita Smithson

Abdul Omar

Susie Goldstein
May their memories be for a blessing…

David Zarkin

Hannah Vanorny
I’d like to honor Elizabeth Novy.

Lorna Hunt Ellison
Honoring all beloved souls no longer with their loved ones.

Cantor Tamar Havilio
I’d like to honor my parents.

Sarah Landt
Honoring my uncle who passed away.

Kristen Renschen

Karen Siegman

Melanie Willett

Linda Landt
Honoring several. Every day without Covid is a great day! Counting my blessings!

Kim Ross
I’d like to honor first responders and teachers. May their memories be a blessing and let us all continue to care for each other.

Carol Seiler

Kim Sullivan

Sabine Schmid

Barbara Olson

Karen Wills
Honoring Oliver Perkins. Grieving in unity because we are interdependent and mutually accountable.

Michelle McIntosh

Ernie & Mary Stelzer
Honoring Nancy.

Fred and Patricia Baumer
Honoring Julie. May each of us be blessed with healing. Thank you for organizing this.

Marsha Wilder

Madeline Foss

Lilly Perry

Karen Goon

Joanne Champine
Honoring my sister Beth Kelly. May the Lord bless us and give us strength.

Kim Gohman

Thomas Achartz

Heather Pedersen
My heart goes out to everyone who has lost loved ones, couldn’t visit loved ones, and to all front line workers. 

Linda Hulbert

Mary Ulasich

Linda Olson

Mike Arulfo
I would like to pray for all those people still suffering from Covid – 19 in hospitals in the US and the world. I have friends who have suffered from this virus and I am very thankful that they have survived COVID- 19.

Barbara Butler
Edina MN

Bill Sorem


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