I want to vote by mail. What do I need to know—and where do I start?

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Your vote is your voice. Be heard.

November 3rd will mark the most pivotal election in living memory—and it falls in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, raising public health concerns and logistical complications that may effectively silence many. 

That’s why we’re urging every Minnesotan—no matter where you fall on the political spectrum—to request an absentee ballot and return it immediately.

When you vote by mail, you make your voice heard—all while easing pressure on voting lines and helping yourself, election workers, and your community stay safe and healthy. Here’s what you need to know.

If you plan to return your absentee ballot by mail, we urge you to drop it in your mailbox by October 22nd.

Can I send in an absentee ballot?

Yes! If you’re eligible to vote in Minnesota, you can vote by mail in Minnesota, period.

Not registered to vote yet?

It’s easy. When you make your absentee ballot request, your clerk will send a voter registration form along with your ballot. Or, if you prefer, you can register to vote online right now.

The deadline to register online for the November 3rd election is Tuesday, October 13th at 11:59 pm. You can also register in-person on Election Day or at an early voting location.

USPS post office box
Voter requesting his absentee ballot

How do I request my absentee ballot?

If you have an email address and can provide a Minnesota-issued driver’s license number, Minnesota ID card number, or the last four digits of your Social Security Number, you can request your ballot online.

Just be sure you make your request in plenty of time. Why?

Our Wisconsin neighbors saw a dramatic spike in absentee ballot requests during their spring election. The strain placed on local election officials coupled with a U.S. Postal Service slowdown meant some voters didn’t receive their ballots in time.

Simply fill out the form below by clicking “”Sign Document.” The DFL will fax your completed form to the Secretary of State within 5 business days of receipt.

Request your ballot now »

What should I keep in mind when completing my absentee ballot?

Be sure you read the ballot instructions thoroughly and carefully complete your ballot. Don’t forget to sign and date your form!

Due to COVID19, there is no witness requirement for registered voters. However, if you’re a non-registered voter, you will still need a witness as proof of residence.

How do I deliver my absentee ballot to make sure it’s counted?

If your ballot is postmarked by Election Day, November 3rd, and received by County election officials by November 10th, your vote will be counted.

Keep in mind that election officials are expecting a big surge in absentee ballot requests and our U.S. Postal Service is underfunded and under-resourced. So, we encourage you to get your ballot in the mail by October 22nd. Of course, the sooner, the better, given what we saw in Wisconsin.

If you receive your ballot close to Election Day and you’re concerned that it may not arrive in time, you can still hand-deliver it to the election office that mailed it to you. Just know that it must be dropped off by 3:00 pm on Election Day.

You may not deliver your ballot to your polling place on Election Day.

If you do choose to drop your ballot off in person, we encourage you to contact your county election official or municipal clerk, first. Some cities and towns will offer contactless dropboxes or drive-thru options to help keep you safe.

Can you drop ballots off for other people while you’re at it? 

You sure can. Just keep in mind that you can only deliver ballots for three voters (not including yourself)—and you’ll need to show an ID with your name and signature to submit those extra ballots.

Voter tracking the status of his absentee ballot

How do I track the status of my ballot?


Visit the Secretary of State’s ballot tracker, share some basic data—your name, date of birth, and ID number—and their online search tool will let you know when your ballot was sent, received, and counted.

What if I have questions?

Did you make a mistake on your ballot? Was your ballot damaged in the mail? Is something unclear and you need a helping hand? Whatever your question, contact your county election official. They’ll be able to help ensure you can vote—and vote safely.

Anoka County

Anoka County Elections 
Phone: 763-324-1300
Fax: 763-324-1160
Email: [email protected]

Anoka County Elections & Voter Registration
2100 3rd Ave, Suite C130
Anoka, MN 55303-5031

Carver County

Sarah Rivers
Phone: 952-361-1941
Fax: 952-361-1919
Email: [email protected]

Government Center – Administration Bldg
600 E Fourth St
Chaska, MN 55318-2102

Hennepin County

Jim Howitt
Phone: 612-348-5151
Fax: 612-348-2151
Email: [email protected]

Hennepin County Gov’t Center
300 South 6th St MC 012
Minneapolis, MN 55487-0012

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