Display a yard sign for Dean!

Today, the standard election year has been thrown on its head.

Instead of long lines at the polls, mail-in ballots will be deposited into mailboxes over the span of months. At the same time, the joyful in-person events that drew us together and created visibility for Dean’s campaign are now on pause—all to help keep our communities safe.

Now, perhaps more than ever, lawn signs will serve as an ever-present reminder—crucial when people may vote at just about any time—to request and return those ballots, and to vote for Dean.

Getting your yard sign is easy—and contact-free

Just request your sign and, if you can, chip in. When you do, you help us purchase more signs and build greater visibility for Dean. Once we receive your request, we’ll make your contact-free delivery—often in 2-3 days. Have questions or requests? Please reach out at [email protected].

Join your fellow DeanTeamers in showing off your support

Let’s create change—together.

Join the DeanTeam—a diverse, committed team of neighbors who are creating change in communities across Minnesota’s Third District.

Whether you’d like to volunteer at an upcoming campaign event or lend a hand from home, there are always opportunities to make a meaningful difference.

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