Jobs and the economy


I’ve helped build and manage both small and large businesses in Minnesota, and I know that smart public policy is both pro-business and pro-worker.

Those ideas are not mutually exclusive. That’s why I’m an advocate for policies that grow the economy by reducing red tape, investing in people, rewarding innovation and sharing in success.

– Dean Phillips

Dean’s plan

Dean is an entrepreneur and job-creator who understands the realities of running a business and making a payroll. Growing up, Dean was taught the value of hard work and that success is to be measured not by how much one collects, rather by how much is shared with the people and communities that make that success possible. From bussing tables and starting his own small business as a teenager to leading one of Minnesota’s most well-known companies – and now, to co-owning a small chain of four coffee shops – those lessons still guide Dean and shape his views on public policy. Here’s Dean’s plan:

Make healthcare more affordable and accessible

The rising cost of healthcare and health insurance is the top challenge facing people and employers of all sizes, but particularly small businesses. Dean is committed to making healthcare affordable and accessible to all Americans by redesigning the healthcare-delivery model and increasing coverage options for businesses and their employees. Read more.

Solidify Minnesota as an innovation hub

Minnesota is a leader in cutting-edge technological innovations in clean energy, healthcare, agriculture, and IT. Dean will build on that long history as an innovation hub by advocating for federal investment in Minnesota, expanding access to start-up capital, creating targeted tax incentives for innovation, and investing in programs like the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer and in research, such as through the National Institutes of Health.

Incentivize employee ownership of more businesses

In the 1940’s, Dean’s great-grandfather instituted one of the country’s first documented employee profit-sharing plans, and many Minnesota businesses followed suit. Dean knows that when employees share in ownership—and success—it’s good for everyone. That’s why he will promote incentives to expand employee profit-sharing plans and employee stock-ownership plans (ESOPs) to more American businesses.

Educate Minnesotans for the jobs of today—and tomorrow

Over two-thirds of 21st-century jobs will require education beyond high school, but not every student needs a four-year degree to earn a good living. That’s why Dean will work to ensure that all types of education and training after high school—including college, apprenticeships and work-based learning—are affordable and accessible to Minnesotans of all ages. Read more.

Promote a comprehensive approach to economic security

No one who works hard for a living should live in poverty. Wages are an important part of that equation, but affordable healthcare, child and family care, affordable housing, transportation and a secure retirement are key components of economic security. As a pragmatic problem-solver, Dean will advocate for common-sense policies in all those areas, so that businesses can afford to pay livable wages and workers can adequately provide for themselves and their families.

Expand markets for businesses through fair trade agreements

As someone who’s done business all over the world, Dean knows how important well-negotiated trade deals are for American businesses. Businesses and economies expand when middle-income families have more money to spend, and when American products and services can access overseas markets. That’s why Dean supported the recently-passed USMCA agreement, and it’s also why he opposes the current Administration’s dangerous and arbitrary tariffs and escalating trade war.

Let’s create change—together.

Join the DeanTeam—a diverse, committed team of neighbors who are creating change in communities across Minnesota’s Third District.

Whether you’d like to volunteer at an upcoming campaign event or lend a hand from home, there are always opportunities to make a meaningful difference.

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