Elevating bipartisanship

It’s a tale of two cultures in Congress

You have the leadership culture and the rank-and-file culture. In the leadership, the culture is predicated on winning and messaging, and less on results. Most of the rank and file, however, wants to do better and build relationships.

I’m endeavoring to elevate bipartisan interaction through the leadership ranks, because I’m disappointed in both parties.

– Dean

Dean’s plan

Dean is committed to breaking through partisan gridlock and addressing our nation’s toughest challenges. Here’s how he believes we can foster the Congressional collaboration necessary to better serve the America people:

Elevate leaders committed to a spirit of bipartisanship

Today, not only are too many policies crafted by people without direct experience in issue areas—opening the door to the growing influence of lobbyists—Washington’s leadership culture often rewards partisan wins over progress.

That’s why Dean advocates for committee leadership based on meritocracy and a commitment to bipartisanship, rather than tenure. When those with real experience and a desire to transcend party labels are elevated, Congress will be positioned to achieve progress on the issues Americans care about most.

Depolarize freshman orientation 

During freshmen orientation, Congressional representatives are segregated by party and presented programs that seed partisan divisions before they even arrive at their swearing-in ceremonies.

Dean believes that it’s time to revisit both the content and structure of freshman orientation, delivering programming to a single cohort, and creating sessions designed to foster understanding, respect, and relationship-building. By depolarizing orientation, Congress can build a solid foundation upon which innovative ideas and collaborative solutions may be shared and developed.

Modernize physical spaces to foster collaboration

Dean recognizes that design drives outcomes. The physical environments found within the halls of Congress, however, are designed to isolate lawmakers from one other—making working across the aisle and driving innovation a challenge.

Dean believes Congress must invest in the 21st-century collaborative workspaces that better support relationship-building and the open exchange of ideas.

Let’s create change—together.

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